Hoyts Cologne

Hoyts Cologne

Bring Good Luck & Power!

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Hoyt’s Cologne for Luck & Strength for Your Rituals

Hoyt's Cologne was developed in 1868 and is truly an old fashioned fragrance reminiscent of early American colognes. A clean and refreshing scent with fragrance notes of citrus and floral. Hoyt's is widely believed to bring good luck and power.

Considered to be a spiritual cologne that has been used traditionally by those wishing to increase their ability to manifest luck. Hoyt’s Cologne is used heavily by gamblers to increase their odds and winning potential. Believed to be a lucky rub for gamblers, rub Hoyt's Cologne on your hands right before you go gambling to draw good luck!

Spiritual colognes can be worn on the body like a standard cologne or perfume, but can also be used to empower your magickal tools. Another recommendation would be to use it to anoint a mojo bag to strengthen it's powers or place a splash of the Hoyt's Cologne in your bath or floor wash for cleansing.

3/4 fluid ounces in glass bottle with decorative label. Bottle is approximately 4 inches tall.

Pleasant cologne scent keeps you smelling good and winning big!

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