Mercury Planetary Talisman

Mercury Planetary Talisman

Increases creative forces and communication. Great for writers, poets and artists.
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Talisman of Mercury Pendant

The Talisman of Mercury is double-sided; measures approximately 1 3/8 inches; includes a 36 inch cord, accent bead and descriptive booklet. Each is handcrafted here in the U.S. by skilled artisans for your magical wear.

Properties: Increases creative forces and communication - Air. The influence of Mercury is said to enliven the brain, the nervous system and breathing. The bearer of this talisman can enjoy improved memory, artistic flair and proficiency in writing.

Preserved in the British Museum are seven manuscripts considered to be the fountainhead and storehouse of Cabalistic Magic and the origin of much of the ceremonial magic of medieval times. These manuscripts are said to have been written by King Solomon and passed on to his son, Roboam, as a testament which should contain all of the wisdom he had possessed prior to his death. The testament was carved on tree bark, and the magical designs were engraved on plates of copper and hidden within the famous “Temple of Solomon”. The talismanic designs in our planetary talisman category are taken directly from the “Key of Solomon” or from the later magical grimoires influenced by it. Solomon received his knowledge directly from “Homadiel” the angel of God who granted Solomon ineffable wisdom!

This Talisman consists of the 3rd and 4th "Pentacles" of Mercury and said to:

  • Invoke All Spirits subject to Mercury
  • Aid in finding hidden Treasure
  • Enhance Artistic and Scientific Ability
  • Increase your Psychic Communication
  • Convey Personal Magnetism
  • Help gain the impossible
  • Bring Success in Business
  • Open all doors to Secret Knowledge
  • Cause Wishes to be granted
  • Acquire Understanding and Knowledge of All Things
  • Give a fine memory
  • Bring Skill in Writing and make one Eloquent
  • Inspire Writers and remove writer's block
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