Handmade Talimsans & Planetary Talismans for Good Luck, Protection & More. Carry your handcrafted Amulet or wear to bring the power and intent you need.

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  1. Elven Faery Star Elven Faery Star
  2. Good Health Talisman Good Health Talisman
  3. Medieval Money Talisman Pendant Medieval Money Talisman Pendant
  4. Mermaid Love Goddess Pendant
  5. Nosferatu Gothic Vampyre Talisman
    Nosferatu Gothic Vampyre Talisman
    Special Price $11.99 Regular Price $14.99
  6. Saturn Planetary Talisman Saturn Planetary Talisman
  7. Shield of Solomon Talisman
  8. Talisman Communication with Animals
  9. Talisman for Good Luck Pendant
  10. Talisman for Invisibility
  11. Talisman for Poets and Writers
  12. Talisman for Riches
  13. Talisman Healers Pendant
  14. Talisman Jupiter Pendant
  15. Talisman Mars Pendant Talisman Mars Pendant
  16. Talisman Mercury Pendant Talisman Mercury Pendant
  17. Talisman Moon Pendant Talisman Moon Pendant
  18. Talisman Pentacle Solomon Pendant
  19. Talisman Safe Travel Talisman Safe Travel
  20. Talisman Sun Pendant
  21. Talisman To Win Favor of Good Spirits Talisman To Win Favor of Good Spirits
  22. Talisman Venus Pendant Talisman Venus Pendant
  23. Talisman Witches Knot Pendant
  24. Sigil Talisman Skull
    Out of Stock
  25. Talisman Attain Love Pendant
    Out of Stock
  26. Talisman for Performers and Actors
    Out of Stock
  27. Talisman Magical Arts Pendant
    Out of Stock
  28. Talisman Wisdom Pendant Talisman Wisdom Pendant
    Out of Stock
Grid List

28 Items

Set Descending Direction