Witchy Voodoo Doll - Halloween

Witchy Voodoo Doll - Halloween

For Abundance
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Witchy Woman Voodoo Doll

for Abundance during Samhain and the rest of the year
From the Trick or Treat Collection


Hand crafted doll dressed in her witchy attire with sewn on eyes and hand-stiched mouth. She is a decked out with a Pentacle necklace ready to work with you! Celebrate all things witchy and work with her for things you need in your life. 

Each doll is filled from head to toe with Mojo herbs, rice and stuffing - this is an excellent voodoo doll!

Your Cat Doll measures approximately 5.5 inches and has a tie to hang as an ornament if you wish. Great Gift!

Each doll is a unique, handmade are each varies slightly in materials and colors as shown in photos.

Handmade by New Orleans Voodoo Doll Maker.

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