Palmistry Hand Kit

Palmistry Hand Kit

Display the unique art of chiromancy
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Palmistry Hand Sculpture

by David Lawrence

Resembling the tools of old, this hand sculpture is small enough to lie flat on your desk to aid you in the art of palmistry. Your Palmistry Hand Sculpture includes an instruction book by David Lawrence. This is an excellent gift if interested in the art of chiromancy or for a unique display!

Each sculpture is crafted of cold cast resin and hand painted with carvings of lines, mounts, names and symbols. At the wrists is carved "Rascette": this is also known as the "bracelet lines" which separate your hand from your forearm. Palmists may hold this area for additional information and may indicate length of life.

Your sculpture can stand or lie flat on a table; on the bottom are cushion tabs to protect your table surface from scratches. Each hand measures approximately 5.25 inches long x 3 inches wide and 1.25 inches thick. 

Chiromancy, or palmistry, consists of the practice of evaluating a person's character or future by reading the palm of their hand. Various 'lines' such as heart line, life life, etc. and mounts or bumps (chirognomy), suggest interpretations by their relative sizes, qualities, and intersections. In some traditions, readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints and palmar skin patterns (dermatoglyphics), skin texture and color, shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand.


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