Shungite Geometry Stone Set

Five Platonic Solids Made of Shungite

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Sacred Geometry Stone Set
Five Platonic Solids Made of Shungite

Use these stones on your altar to represent the elements. They can also be used for meditation and relaxation. Made of Shungite; a stone exclusively found in Russia. It is known for Healing, Protections, Repelling Evil and Absorbing Negative Energy.

This set of three-dimensional shapes, called Platonic Solids, have been studied for thousands of years for their beauty and symmetry. Each shape has sides (or faces) of the same regular polygon, and the same number of regular polygons meets at each corner (or vertex). Only these 5 shapes meet this criteria. Some believe that they are building blocks of the universe, and that everything has a basis on one of the shapes.

In Ancient Greece they were objects of great fascination for mathematicians, theorists, and philosophers such as Pythagoras, Euclid, Aristotle and Plato. It was Plato who first made the association of each shape with one of the four elements, with the fifth representing the heavens or aether.

Set includes:

  • Tetrahedron - 4 Faces - Element of Fire
  • Hexahedron - 6 Faces - Element of Earth
  • Octahedron - 8 Faces - Element of Air
  • Dodecahedron - 12 Faces - Element of Aether
  • Icosahedron - 20 Faces - Element of Water

Each stone measures approximately 3/4 inch across.

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