Shut Your Mouth Oil by Dorothy Morrison

Keep the Whining Mouths Shut!

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Dorothy Morrison

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Wicked Witch - Shut Your Mouth Mojo Oil

by Dorothy Morrison

Old fashioned charm of Amber musk and Rose.

"Tired of folks talking trash? Even a good, old-fashioned slap in the mouth never worked this well!" Dorothy Morrison

This oil is great for those people in your life constantly bitching or whining to keep their mouth shut!

Some general ways to use this product are: Use in your laundry. Add to your floor wash. Put some in your shoes. For your altar. To anoint objects. Put in a diffuser.

1/3 of an ounce with euro dropper. Blends are skin safe. Not for internal use.

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Love itReview by DeDe
This oil is very successful. I dont like to think of my spells as “it worked” or “it doesn’t work” but I do have to say things get very calm and kind very fast when I use this oil in my work. Ive slyly applied it to the back of the rude person on several occasions as well as in hoodoo shoes. I used it many times and Every time it has been successful in bringing peace to an ugly mouth. (Posted on 12/21/2018)

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