Skadi Statue

Goddess of Winter and Mountains
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Goddess of Winter and Mountains

Skadi, the Goddess of Hunting & Winter, is known as a Giantess. She is sometimes called the Snowshoe Goddess and is often portrayed wearing snowshoes or skis, hunting alongside wolves and carrying a bow as she is here. She is often thought of as a very independent Goddess with complete control over her life. Wolves are with her to complete her robust domination. Now that you know her, Skadi will help you gain control over your life too.

Skadi will help you enjoy winter and stop wishing it is only summer.

Highlights of the Statue

A young, beautiful Skadi stands confidently wearing a necklace of claws as she holds her bow and arrow slightly behing her. Her companions, the wolves, are ready for the hunt. Skadi is dressed in blue clothing, skins boots and arm guards which are adorned with fur. Her protective breast armor and waist leathers are charmingly decorative.

The Skadi statue is a great gift for those who love winter and winter-time fun and sports such as skiing and sledding as she prefers Winter and being in the mountains. Also for those who should appreciate Winter more.

She is Known For:

  • Bow Hunting
  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing
  • Self Reliant
  • Determination
  • Love of Mountains & the Wild
  • Knowledge/Wisdom
  • Justice

She stands 9 1/4 inches tall. Crafted of Polystone (which gives a porcelain-style statue) and has wonderful hand painted colors.

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