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Skyrim Dragon Necklace

A reminder that words have power, use them wisely.
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Absolutely lovely products, and quick shipping to boot! Would recommend to anyone wether they're seriously interested in magical workings or if they just enjoy the charm of witchy aesthetics :)
Liz C
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The Skyrim Dragon Necklace
Design by Zack Tsahalis

Dragons are powerful creatures from Akavir that were once prevalent throughout Tamriel. At first glance, they might seem beast-like, but they are incredibly intelligent beings. These creatures are capable of speech, written language, and can even understand other tongues. Dragons have the ability to cast Powerful Magic in the form of "Dragon Shouts" or "Thu'um". These shouts are the vocalization of specific Words of Power that create a Magical effect. Most shouts contain three words, but it's possible to create a milder effect using only one or two words.

Dragons are able to produce these shouts at will. There are some mortals, specifically Nords, who can learn to use them through an arduous process of meditation and practice of the word. There is one exception, the Dragonborn. These individuals possess the ability to intuitively use shouts by absorbing the soul of a dragon. Through this process they are able to obtain the dragon's understanding of the words. This ability gives the Dragonborn great power.

Do you share a connection with these beasts? Do you, too, see language as a form of magic? Wear this pendant as a reminder: words have power, use them wisely.

An original, copyright design cast in lead free pewter. Each pendant includes accent bead and adjustable black cord along with information. Measures approximately 1 1/2 inch in height x 3/4 inch at the widest.