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Natural Lodestone, 1 ounce

Natural Lodestone, 1 ounce

Repel Evil 


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Natural Lodestone 

This natural lodestone is sold in a small pack of approximately 1 ounce. 

Lodestones, as natural magnets, have been used for centuries within magick to attract positive forces and repel bad luck. Sold by weight not size.

Use to draw postive forces and to repel evil. 

Photo is enlarged; these are small pebbles.

Ancient Lore:

  • Compasses were made using small pieces of lodestone.
  • Lodestones were used for healing power.
  • They were worn or carried as a powerful amulet for Good Luck.

Along with Charging Spell Items and Tools, Attract desires to you with magnetic lodestone's power:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Protection
  • Business/Career
  • Prosperity
  • Good Luck
  • Sexual Attraction
  • Mental Powers
  • Psychic Powers
  • Healing

Carry two; one to keep away negativity and one to attract good.

Often spelled loadstone.


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