Spiral Moon Goddess Leather Journal

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I have been seeing nothing but good comments and testimonials about this websites fast and wonderful service. So I went out on a limb and ordered about 6 different things that added up to about 70 totaled. I have to admit for what I bought that was an excellent price. I recieved my shipment three days after I ordered... I have never in my life had anything delivered that fast and I shop alot online. I'm speechless. This website is by far the best I ever been to even beyond metaphyiscal needs. Amazon doesn't even compare. I love you 13 Moons and you can expect much more consumer participation on my part. It feels amazing to actually have a reliable website to turn to for all my metaphysical needs. The website even throws in some darker magickal tendecies which I love. Thank you. You guys are amazing. :)
Kyle Ames
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Spiral Moon Goddess Blank Book

The Spiral Moon Goddess, a very popular symbol, pulls down the moon and has crescent moons on each side of her. This leather book is very unique with fine embossing, stitching, Celtic art border and a brass colored latch to lock away your writings.

This book is great to write your recipes, secrets and to use for a sketching book.

Measures 5 x 7 inches with 240 pages of handmade linen paper.

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