Sterling Silver Wear & Care

Sterling Silver is a great investment you are able to wear!

Celtic Moon RingThe majority of the jewelry you find at 13 is of .925 sterling silver. (We do also carry jewelry of high quality Pewter, some gold, some Vermelian… but the majority is Sterling.) Silver is a beautiful, radiant metal treasured and celebrated since before ancient times for currency and decoration passed down through generations. Our jewelry is sure to delight you, not only in price but beauty and the durability to add and pass on to your future generations.

Silver is used throughout the world as our cutlery, dinnerware, goblets and jewelry. This shiny white metal is lovely for artists to work with as it is yielding and compliant. To insure the durability and firmness we expect in jewelry or dinnerware products, other metals are added. Commonly, the sterling silver you are familiar with is a composite of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Depending on the technique an artist uses to create an individual piece, and whether it is polished high or low, it is very likely you will see a variance in colors of silver.

Tarnish: Sulfur and sulfides attack silver causing a build-up of silver sulfide on the sterling silver resulting in tarnish. It is recommended to remove your sterling jewelry when in contact with cleaning products or other chemicals. Even our atmosphere contains sulfides.

Care of your sterling silver. Even though tarnish is the enemy, however it is a natural one. All silver will tarnish unless you see noted it is covered with a protective coating. Wear your jewelry! You will find it is less likely to tarnish! To protect sterling silver, you can store in a well-sealed, air-tight container. There are polishing cloths and silver polishing liquids and creams you may obtain easily.