Stylish Triquetra Chalice

Stylish Triquetra Chalice

Beautiful Art for the Modern Witch.
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Celtic Triquetra Chalice

A perfect cup for everday and ritual use!

Your stylish Chalice features a large Celtic Triquetra in the center with smaller Triquetra within. The circle bordering the Triquetra has interwoven designs and swirls. On each side of the border finishing off this lovely chalice are stylish floral designs.

A simple molded stem leads to an intricately carved base with hearts. Whether you’re using it as an every-day glassware or spicing up your ritual, this chalice will add the right amount of flair to your day. Measures approximately 5 inches (12.7 cm) tall. Crafted in brass with silver finish.

  • Past, Present, Future
  • Life, Death, and Rebirth
  • Earth, Sea, and Sky
  • The Charmed symbol
  • The Holy Trinity

Cleaning your chalice: Do not use silver paste or liquid polish as these are too harsh and will break down the silver. A silver polishing cloth is recommended.


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