Sugarberry Rune Set

Sugarberry Rune Set

Lovingly handmade runes for your divination.

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Sugarberry Rune Set

Set of runes with 24 unsealed tiles (no blank) made from a single branch of Sugarberry wood, also know as the Southern Hackberry. The huge tree that this came from was destroyed by a storm earlier this year and the wood was reclaimed for various projects - staffs, wands, runes, etc... Each rune was cut, marked and burned by the artist and her husband. After burning, they were cleansed and consecrated beneath a full moon.

Though the picture does not show it, these runes have lovely, defined, growth rings in the wood and are a very nice white/pale gold color. The bark is intact around each rune.

Each rune is approximately 1 1/2 inch across with a 1/10 inch ring of bark each one [except where there were knots/flaws in the wood].

Sugarberry or Southern Hackberry has a simple energy resonating from nature. Good for the well-being of forest/wood land, gardening, and wildlife rituals and ceremonies.

Each Rune Set includes a drawstring bag.


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