Sycamore Wand 14 inches

Sycamore Wand 14 inches

Long Life, Growth, and very helpful to the Water Witch
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Sycamore Wand
Platanus occidentalis

The Sycamore symbolizes vitality, perseverance and, development. It is believed to promote harmony and relaxation, while simultaneously raising energy levels. The Sycamore loves wet areas particularly along streams and rivers making this a wand of the Water Witch. Due to it's long life it is good for helping things to stay around a long time, like maybe your woman or man. The Sycamore is a large tree and spreads wide so it is also useful to stimulate growth in projects, business and more.

This Sycamore wand is about 14 inches long. Inner bark handle and rubbed with a natural beeswax/oil blend for protection. Love the feel and looks of the Sycamore wood! Gathered from the wilds at 13 Moons.

The photograph is the unique one of a kind wand you will be receiving.

Please Note: If you buy a wand bag make sure you get one an inch longer than the wand.


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