Safety In Travel Talisman

Safety In Travel Talisman

Safe Passage on Land, Sea, and Air
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Talisman for Safety in Travel

Those in possession of this talisman will be protected and guided during any journey, physical or spiritual, as the alchemical and zodiac symbols work their magic. The bearer will be assured safe Passage on Land, Sea, and Air no matter how one chooses to travel.

Designs of the talismans are found in various Magical Grimoires that are in the artist's private library. Often the various Magical symbols are so ancient that their origins are lost.

According to the famous "Order of the Golden Dawn", a talisman is a "magical figure charged with the Force which it is intended to represent". These forces are thought to be planetary or elemental forces; sometimes called angels, or spirits.

Talismans are prepared for specific reasons; to invoke a definite purpose for the user.

This collection of talismans have been re-created from ancient sources such as, The Greater Key of Solomon and The Black Pullet.
They have been chosen based on their ability to invoke only the blessings of good spirits to do good works!< p>All Talismans have been carefully reproduced by skilled artists in the U.S. and include an adjustable black cord as well as a fully descriptive booklet about their magical properties.

All Talismans are made of the highest quality Excelsior (lead-free) Pewter; Measures 1 1/8 inches in diameter.

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