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Tarot of Loka by Alessio Cavatore

By Alessio Cavatore

Great for every tarot collection.

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Thank you so much for my products!!! Very pleased with everything inside and even received something I didn't order as a thank you for ordering. I'm new to this and all my items will help me with my path. Everything came sooner than expected and was very organized. I will be returning again and again. Thank you guys again!!!
Jessica Runda
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Tarot of Loka
By Alessio Cavatore

Inspired by the original Tarot card game played in the south of France, this deck features elemental suits and stunning design features that provide a truly unique reading experience. With the option to use the deck for divination, personal exploration, or as a card game among friends, this is a versatile kit that belongs in every collection.

Measures 3 x 5 x 1 Inches

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