Tarot of Oppositions

Tarot of Oppositions

The beautiful harmony of opposites

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The Tarot of Oppositions
by Pierluca Zizzi
Illustrated by Michele D'Aloisio

The Tarot of Oppositions allows you to view the reverse meaning of each card simultaneously. These aspects are not to be seen as separate, but rather as yin and yang - light and dark - negative and positive - active and passive - receptive and assertive. It is an invitation by the creator to see the opposites in each card that leads you away from extremes towards that which is harmonious, instilling balance.

This groundbreaking tarot deck re-imagines every card as a thrilling study of opposites. You'll take a tarot journey like never before, exploring mirrored versions of each card's stunning illustration. Your readings will be transformed as you watch the Fool dance with himself, the Hermit gaze at his alter ego, and the High Priestess match wits with her twin. You'll see every answer from two perspectives, giving you greater wisdom in all that you do.

Deck of 80 cards | 148 page multilingual guidebook

Box measures 5 x 3.2 x 2 inches

Deck measures 4.74 x 2.77 x 1.35 inches

Pierluca Zizzi is the author of a series of tarot cards decks for divination including: Ascension Tarot, Infinity Tarot, Egyptian Tarot, Folk Cards of Destiny, Medieval Fortune Telling Cards.

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