Tarot & Psychic Readings

Feel a bit uncertain... undecided?
Need a bit of guidance for job, finances, relationships, career, health...
Our readers are here for you!

Celtic Dragon TarotHow do you know you may trust us? We do not claim fame, love or money to come to you. You are guided by our psychics and readers. We do not attempt to pull you in and get you hooked so that you can not take a step without a reading.

Readings with tarot cards and runes are divination tools to help you gain insight into the past, present and future. These readings can be used for practical problems, meditation, self-improvement, understanding/clarification and guidance on your path. Each of our readers may not state it, but since I have had readings with all, there are psychic abilities with each.

You may choose to do your own reading. We offer the tools for you to begin! Not only do we have Tarot Cards and Books for learning more... we also carry Runes, Rune Books and many divination tools for scrying: mirrors and crystal balls. You want to test the ancient method of wax and/or water scrying, please see our crafted scrying bowl.

Not quite ready to try on your own? Please visit each Psychic, Tarot and Rune Reader's page to help guide you on your path.

Reader FAQs:
Why do you want my birth date? What will you do with my personal information? We only use the information you provide for the reading you have chosen, and to correspond with you on your reading. We never sell, trade or give away our client's information. The birth date (besides proof you are 18 or older) is asked for to help on any numerology and astrological views of your reading. Also it is sometimes helpful if the reader knows whether you are male or female to provide more reliability of the reading.

What Questions Can I Ask? You can ask just about any question pertaining to life or personal You can ask almost any type of question, covering any area of life or personal growth whether past, present or future. 

Crystal Ball

Remember, if asking a question of your future, the future is not "programmed", predetermined. There are many circumstances, things, events that may affect and change your future. Thus a reading on your future may be based on your present path which can change. Take your reading, once presented by your Reader, and allow this to be a tool for positive adjustments, changes and transformations along with becoming aware of energies happening in your life and situation. You should not accept the reading as the final word on your future.

Questions not to ask are those concerning ethics, legalities and liabilities such as investment, medical, legal and etc. questions. You may ask questions in such a way that our readers can help you deal with these issues such as on an emotional level, personal level, and of other paths or actions you may take. If asking questions concerning someone else (such as "is my partner cheating on me?", "is my son lying?") where the total focus is on them, it is best to word your question on how you may help them in their current situation and what path you may choose to better your life. Also, try to avoid yes and no questions, as this does not allow for energy to be generated on your situation. Such as the above "is my son lying?" Put your energy into the question: "I feel I am being betrayed by my son, I would love to gain his confidence and respect, what do I need to know to go forward in building a strong relationship?"

How best to write a question: Try writing your question in a way that gives you the power to advance and make progress in the situation; begin questions with How, What, and Why. It is best to only focus on one problem/concern/decision/topic in one reading. Ask your question and add any pertinent, personal or background information you feel needed that will assist the reader in getting to the core of the situation and better able to interpret the cards.

Celtic TarotTarot Decks

A tarot set is 78 cards with different symbols, pictures or drawings on each. The set is divided into major arcana and minor arcana. There are numerous decks with many interpretations by the artist! Each artist has used their creativity to design beautiful tarot decks for you. Some are so beautiful and many are collectable!

The biggest concern on purchasing a tarot set in our store and via the website: "Is it bad luck to buy my own Tarot Deck?" The answer is no. You should study the various styles and choose what appeals to you. It is best to not have someone else pick for you the deck you will be working with to guide you.

How do I choose a Tarot deck for myself?

It's best to look at a few different types of Tarot decks before you choose one and to find one with symbolism and artwork that suits you. Browse through the hundreds of decks that have been rated and reviewed on Aeclectic Tarot.