Tiamat Dragon Goddess

Tiamat Dragon Goddess

Representing Strength, Power & More
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Tiamat Dragon Goddess

Tiamat is the ancient Goddess of creation and Mother of Dragons. She teaches us to fight through the challenges in our lives and reminds us that order comes from chaos. She represents the Primordial Sea and the Forces of Life

Each statue measures approximately 2 x 3 inches tall. Each figurine is made from natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals. She has lovely Celtic art decorating her dress; and she holds a red faceted gem (faux) and has very long flowing hair cloaking her back. Her dragon curls over her arm with his red eyes. On her forehead (crown) you see an etched heart and at her base you will find a Celtic Heart. Great gift for all dragon lovers!

Tiamet Represents:

  • Sea Power
  • Sea Salt
  • Primordial Sea
  • Life Forces
  • Order from Chaos

Overall Dragons are known for:
  • Protection
  • Honor
  • Wisdom
  • Magic
  • Strength

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