Tibetan Dorje Altar Bell

Tibetan Dorje Altar Bell

Used in Feng Shui and other traditions to clear negative energy
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Seven Metal Tibetan Bell
with Wooden Striker and Brass Dorje

Stunning bell steeped in history and tradition

This exquisitely designed Tibetan bell is a gift to any space. Representing the Seven Noble metals in alchemy and used in Feng Shui and other traditions to clear negativity and promote harmony, the Tibetan bell is as useful as it is beautiful. The bell includes both a wooden striker and brass dorje. The wood allows you to use the bell much like the singing bowls. The dorje, a manifestation of vajra, represents the striking power of enlightenment on the human mind, heart, and psyche.

Embrace the power of the seven metals and don't let this piece pass you by! Bell measures 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall; dorje measures 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) in length. Wood striker may vary from the photos.

The Seven Noble Metals and their planetary associations are:


  • Gold (the Sun)
  • Silver (the Moon)
  • Copper (Venus)
  • Tin (Jupiter)
  • Iron (Earth and Mars)
  • Lead (Saturn)
  • Mercury (Mercury)

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