Travel Altar Set

Travel Altar Set

The basics for on the go Magick!
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Travel Bag Altar Tool Set

Introducing our most compact Altar set, bagged and ready to travel!

This Set Includes:

  • 6x8 Velvet Altar Bag (various colors; may not be the color in photo)
  • Tree of Life Chalice
  • Hecate's Athame
  • 5 inch Wooden Wand crafted at 13 Moons
  • Brass Incense Burner
  • Pentacle Altar Tile

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame in Altar Tool Set to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package. We will remove it before shipping to customers in Australia or Greece.

Information on the Meaning and Uses of the Altar Tools
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Altar Bag: Your Altar Tools are kept organized, efficiently stored and readily available in a 6 x 8 inch velvet bag. These bags are hand crafted by our seamstress Nokomis.

Athame: The Hekate Athame is a 5 1/4 inch wood handle athame with black sheath. Your athame is used to direct your energy. Your spirit and vitality increases when you cast your circle. As the circle is cast with your blade the firey energy will provide you with direction and protection.

The athame is used to invoke the Element of Fire in Wicca. Fire provides your spirit with the power to direct your energy and vitality. Some do use the athame as a tool of air.

Wand: Wands have been used for thousands of years in ceremonial and spiritual ways. The wand represents Air in Wicca but sometimes Fire in other magical paths is associated with male energy and sacred to The God.

With your wand you can:

  • Call upon deities to join in your rituals
  • Channel Energy
  • Draw the Magic Circle
  • Create your Sacred Space
  • Direct Energy
  • Use for Healing
  • Draw Negative Energy from dis-eased body
  • Release Energy in the direction the Ritual Wand is pointed
  • Charge objects
  • Bless others, tools and items
  • Draw Magic Symbols

Your Ritual Wand is approximately 5 inches long and crafted at 13 Moons for your magical rituals. Each is a gift of nature, gently created and hand rubbed with oil and beeswax. You can further accent and personalize your Ritual Wand if you wish.

Chalice: Your Chalice is the tool for the element Water. Sharing the element of Water by drinking, flowing, and giving. The Ancient Tree of Life, embossed on your new Chalice, provides a wonderful feeling with deep roots for your magical workings.

Your chalice is silver plated, food/drink-safe and measures approximately 3 1/2 inches.

In Wicca your Chalice may be a direct symbol of the Goddess. This Chalice can be used with water, wine, tea for the Craft. Also called Goblet and Cup in many magical workings.

Pentacle Altar Tile: Black wooden Altar Tile with brass or silver pentacle inlay. The ritual pentacle tile was traditionally used for protection, blessing other items, and as the focal point of strength and meditation while casting spells and other ritual and ceremonial work. Altar pentacles are usually feminine and of the element Earth.

Brass Incense Burner: Measuring approximately 2 inches. Representing the Element Water, the direction of West and also the Fire Element.

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