Tree of Life Altar Table

Tree of Life Altar Table

Beautiful, popular altar table.

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Round Tree of Life Altar Table - Stunning mini altar table

Our stunning mini table is a handy addition to any place and particularly useful for those without a lot of space or those who wish to bring their altar tools with them as they travel. The intricately carved Tree of Life detail shows flowing, wide branches bordered by a circular wave pattern. The Tree of Life is associated with the cycles of life and nature as well as spiritual balance and harmony, representing the motto "as above, so below."

This round, 6 inches by 4 inches (15 cm by 10 cm) altar table is easily portable. Each is unique, so colors vary. Coral under coat with verdigris green over wash makes this a magical work space. A perfect gift, especially for those going to college or getting their first apartment!

The Tree of Life is associated with:

  • The Cycles of Nature
  • The Phases of Life
  • Harmony and Balance
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