Celtic Triquetra Chime and Bells

Celtic Triquetra Chime and Bells

A bit of spring time all year long!
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Celtic Triquetra Chime

An inviting wind chime for your home.

This cheerful green aluminum triquetra wind chime makes a wonderful addition to your space. Three small bells accented by kelly green beads hang on silver chains from the bottom of the chime. Triquetras are ancient symbols associated with the phases of life and the Celtic belief in the magic of the number three.

Bells have been used in many cultures to ward off evil spirits and signify important times in rituals and practices. Wind chimes have been found from as far back as 5000 years! Hand crafted in India, this chime measures 6 inches long (15.2 cm). The triquetra itself measures approximately 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) diameter.

Triquetras are associated with:

  • Earth, Sea, Sky
  • The Cycles of Life
  • Infinity
  • Magic
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