Unakite Faceted Pendulum

Unakite Faceted Pendulum

For Lasting Love and Partnerships
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Faceted Unakite Pendulum

Balance the Heart with this stone

With the colors and energy or spring Unakite is a remarkable stone that combines the power of Red Jasper and Epidote. The pink and green hues beautifully balance the Heart Chakra and revitalize emotional energy. Long used as a marriage symbol Unakite has traditionally been sprinkled with yarrow as a symbol of enduring fidelity. If you are doing divination related to love and relationships, this faceted pendulum is perfect for you. Also known for resonating with both the Third Eye and Heart Chakras, this is a great stone for promoting visions related to love (whether in relationships or careers!).

Pendulum measures approximately 1.5 to 2 inches (3 to 5 cm) long. The chain is tipped with a small tumbled clear quartz nugget. No two gemstones are exactly the same, so expect slight variations in size, color, and appearance. Traditionally pendulums have been used for hypnosis, scrying for information, finding lost things, seeking guidance, and answering questions.

Unakite is associated with:


  • Enduring Love
  • The Heart Chakra
  • Beauty
  • Being a Talisman for Fashion Designers
  • Emotional Healing
  • Recovering from Sorrow
  • Friendship
  • Emotional Balance
  • The Element of Water
  • Visionary Abilities
  • Syncing the Third Eye and Heart Chakras
  • Breaking Addictive Habits
  • Encouraging Sleep
  • Relieving Stress

Before beginning work with your pendulum, we strongly suggest smudging and cleansing it followed with an anointment and blessing. As with all energy work, be specific and precise when asking a question. Choose which direction will be for a yes/positive answer and which direction for no/negative answer. Hold between your forefinger and thumb; balance out the energy by extending and fraying out your other three fingers.


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