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Van Van Bath & Floor Wash

Use for Courage, Will Power, Banishing Jealousy and to Prevent Misunderstandings.

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Thank you very much for these powerful items, and for the felicity of your extremely caring inclusion of the 1" pentagram, the absorbing & eloquent arrangement of your newspaper wadding scrim (whose folds & edges i explicated like I was working through one of the cleromantic mechanisms in the I Ching with haruspictic intention), & for your very kind notes on the 13 Moons magical supplies invoice. I have already been having some far-out experiences with these objects; I am very grateful to you, thank you very much. This shop has the best stuff!!! Thank you! Yours truly,
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8 ounce Lucky New Orleans Van Van Wash

Use Triple Fast Action Lucky New Orleans Van Van Wash to:

  • Instill Courage for those living in your Home
  • Instill Will Power for those living in your Home
  • Banish Jealousy from your Home/Property
  • Prevent Misunderstandings among Family Members.

Add Van Van Bath and Floor Wash to your floor scrub or bath water once a week.