Vanilla Bean Whole - Organic

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Organic and Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Whole - 2 Beans

Vanilla planifolia
2 Whole Vanilla Beans, approximately 5 inches long.

Whole Vanilla Beans for the full flavor, scent and enjoyment of Vanilla!
For cooking or magick, you can infuse the bean in a liquid, like a beverage (hot teas and toddies are perfect) or a syrup. Add a piece of vanilla bean to your coffeemaker to brew a cup of vanilla-flavored coffee. Add to your incense, oil and candle making blends! And... create your own vanilla extract by steeping a bean, sliced lengthwise, in a little vodka, brandy, bourbon, or rum for a month or longer.

Magick Associations:

  • Venus
  • Water Element
  • Love
  • Lust
  • Mental
  • Restore Energies

Never used vanilla beans? It is Fun, Easy and Smells Devine! First, know that the entire bean pod can be used, not just the inner pulp and seeds. The pod itself is full of delicious vanilla flavor. Depending on how much flavor you desire, you can either use the entire bean pod or cut off part of the bean. One inch of vanilla bean is approximately equal to one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract or flavor.

When cutting the vanilla bean open, slice it lengthwise to expose the seeds. Even when using the entire pod in cooking, you should slice it open before adding it to your liquid to expose more of the bean's surface and extract more flavor. Before serving, the bean pod should be removed--although you can scrape the seeds out of the pod and leave them in your recipe, if you wish.

Because vanilla beans are so full of flavor, they can often be used more than once. Just rinse and dry them, and use again later, or grind them up to add to baked goods or other recipes calling for vanilla.

Vanilla beans will keep indefinitely if stored properly in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, or if they are vacuum-packed. While it's important to keep vanilla beans cool to avoid mildewing, they should not be refrigerated or frozen, as this causes them to harden and can also promote the growth of mold.

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