Tika Wand Stand

Tika Wand Stand

Handcrafted Tika Wand Stand, reminiscent of tropical islands, is perfect stand for small wands.
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Tika Wand Stand

by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

Abby's small wand stand has a slightly offset holding cradle to accommodate the small Snake Wand and also it works well for any smaller wands and was designed with Abby's Power Wands in mind.

This wand stand measures 2.25 inches x 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches tall.

For larger wands The Grove Design Wand Stand is suggested.

As with Abby's Wands, her Wand Stands are made of the finest quality 100% lead-free pewter.

Made here in the U.S. in Abby's Studio.

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