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Warrior Poddha Pot

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Good morn to all at 13 Moons! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for my order as I was literally tracking it down to the minute of delivery! That's how anxious I was to get it! I felt my inner child emerge and couldn't wait to get home to unwrap the treasures inside. Packaging was great. This was my 2nd order and I knew all goodies would be in tact and well protected. Best on-line shopping ever! Blessed be and thank you for the little gift Madison!
benita barlow
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Poddha Cast Iron Pot
Food Safe Cast Iron

Versatile, portable and rugged enough for years of outdoor use, our cast-iron warrior's cauldron will serve you faithfully for ritual purposes, for incense burning, for spell casting, and even for cooking! The round body of the cauldron makes for more efficient stirring, boiling, and heating and helps prevent sticking. Its three legs are the most stable design for standing squarely on an uneven surface or holding excessive heat away from a smooth one.

The cauldron is equipped with a well-fitting lid and a useful handle arching from one side of the rim to the other. It measures approximately 4 1/2 inches high and 3.2 inches wide, with the capacity to hold 8 ounces of liquid. Try it for your smudge sticks when purifying, for a candle holder and when preparing a steeped tea among campfire coals!

Made from pure cast iron with no pot-metal additives in a small foundry. Please Note: There may be minor imperfections from small cracks, dents, seams showing, discoloration and 'blops'/pitting from removing the iron from the mold. Use and seasoning, over time, will give your pot the old time look and feel of real cast iron. No refunds, returns or exchanges on flaking, pitting, discoloration, seams, etc. as this is natural in the process of making them.

Our food safe cauldrons and iron cookware are molded, finished, polished, and oil-seasoned by hand. New cast iron is grey; over time, with use and careful seasoning, your pot will obtain a rich dark color. For any seams showing, flaking and pitting, this is natural to cast iron which are forged and cast in molds. Clean and season as described in our cast iron care section under "Information". With age, use and seasoning any discoloration will slowly blend in. Each item is food-safe and can be used for cooking, burning incense or candles, holding coarse-ground spices or herbs, or an endless array of other uses.

Chefs favor cast iron cooking pots for their superior heat retention and distribution, and this expertly crafted flat-bottomed potjie cauldron is a splendid example. The rounded belly's surface has concentric raised lines within a turned-up lip, a round lid with a central handle neatly fits. Over the lid arches a free-moving, sturdy metal handle that can be used to move or hang the pot.

No refunds, returns or exchanges on flaking, pitting, discoloration, seams, etc. as this is natural in the process of making them.

See our page "Cast Iron Seasoning" for helpful hints on using and caring for your cauldron.

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