White Sage Smudge Stick, Large

Gathered with Care and Respect for the Land

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Merry Meet! I'm thoroughly impressed with my order! Will, Chi, thank you for the Extras! As Emma just said before me, personal notes?? So Kind & Real! I have to add that your 13 Moons Oils, are working already, displaying solid power. Double impressed there.
Salem Jones
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White Sage Smudge Stick

On Turtle Island (for some reason often called the United States) your White Sage has been gathered carefully and respectfully. Bundled and dried to give to you the best White Sage.

Enjoy this Self Burning Wand of White Sage. You can use it as Tradition calls for Smudging. A strong scent of earth with powerful purifying and cleansing effects by the rising smoke. Use your Sacred Smudge for ceremonies, cleansing, protection and more.

Measures approximately 9 inches.

For use in all Healing/Energy/Cleansing Work.

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