Wild One Ouija Board

Wild One Ouija Board

Wild and Captivating

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Wolf Spirit Ouija Board

Wild One

by Lisa Parker, Fantasy & Wildlife Artist

This captivating board is perfect for any diviners who hold a connection to nature's wild.

The wolf's beautiful blue eyes see into the unknown with a gentle ferocity that is stunning. The central art is accompanied by the traditional Alphabet, Hello, Yes, No and Goodbye. This board is filled with a wildness and power that is undeniable.

Lisa Parker's "Wild One" Wolf Ouija Board is finished with a matt finish and includes a planchette. Board measures approximately 15 inches square x .25 inch thick. Execellent for gifting as each board and planchette is enclosed in a full color gift box.

About Spirit Boards:

Few mystical tools surpass the spirit board in terms of infamy or effectiveness. Allow a white candle to burn as far from the board as the height of the tallest enquirer, this will protect from any negative forces which may appear.
With fingers resting lightly upon the planchette, ask your question and wait for the spirits to answer you. A Ouija Board is a powerful divinationary tool that should not be feared but embraced.

Highlights of Your Spirit Board:

  • Designed From Original Art of Lisa Parker, Fantasy & Wildlife Artist
  • Blue Eyed, Revered Wolf on Starry Night Design Highlight in Gold
  • Alphabet, Hello, Yes, No & Goodbye as on standard Ouija Boards
  • Accenting Celtic Art on the Planchette
  • Great Gift for you and loved ones
  • Measures 15 inches square x .25 inch

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