Plum Wand - 12 inches

Adoration and Respect
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Wyld Woods

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Enlarged my Altar to enhance my spells bottles, and wand, On the lower level is Maeve, Queen of the Fairies Statue is in the center, and she is amazing. The two Brigid Statues are on the sides, they both are really well made, and powerful, feels so magical, and blessed. On the top shelve I have Lugh is the great Celtic God of the Sun, Ceridwen, the Celtic Goddess of Knowledge and Creativity, and Arianrhod, Celtic Welsh Star Goddess of Reincarnation, 13 Moons is amazing, thank you :) - Glenn
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Wild Plum Wand - Prunus maritima

This is an approximately 12 inch long Plum Wand. Hand rubbed with a natural beeswax and oil for protection. Gathered and crafted at 13 Moons. Plum is used to achieve protection, adoration and respect.

When purchasing a wand bag make sure it is at least 1 inch longer than your wand.

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