Hekate Wand

Hekate Wand

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Hekate Wand


Hekate, Queen of the Night, to celebrate all seasons and the power within. This impressive Wood of Maple is gathered and handcrafted at 13 Moons for your Rituals and Ceremonies.

The Hecate Wand measures 13 inches and is crafted from Wild dead Wood. We have left the bark on for your hand-grip and given the entire wand a natural coating of beeswax and oil for protection. Hecate's Burning Torch and Pentacle accent your personal, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted wood burned wand.

The magic properties are many and are used for Lunar Celebrations, Moon Magic, Luck Spells and more.

If you are strong energy individual or seeking strength in your life, the Hekate Wand is a great one to work with. With her as your personal companion you will find assistance in all endeavors from Repelling Evil, Revealing the Unknown to Success in Love and Luck plus a great deal more!

Please Note: If you purchase a wand bag make sure you get one an inch longer than the wand.


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