Witch Lord Statue

Witch Lord Statue

Incredible image of the legendary Horned Lord

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The Witch Lord Statue
by Christopher Orapello

This iconic figure impressively combines aspects of the witchcraft, Pagan and occult tradition into one startling and striking image of the legendary Horned Lord. Using symbolism associated with such entities as Herne the Hunter, Cernunnos, Pan, Bucca Dhu, and Eliphas Levi's Baphomet, the artist establishes a new and powerful image for any magical practitioner to appreciate and tap into for their personal practice.



  • Quality Detail
  • Cold Cast Bronze
  • Exquisite Gift 
  • Celebrate with him at each Sabbat and all through the year
  • Measures approximately 15.5 inches tall
  • Weighs close to 6 pounds


  • The Spear/Forked Staff represents the union of the above and below as well as the wild hunt. 
  • Horned Skull represents death as well as again, Herne the Hunter and Baphomet.
  • To you, are the horns branches of a tree? horns? antlers? The Horns branch in three directions.
  • Goat Legs and Posture related to Levi's Baphomet image as well as Pan, Puck and Cernunnos. 
  • Arm position similar as in Levi's Baphomet image but with one arm holding the spear for life and regeneration while the other is down just above the human skull representing death, ancestors and degeneration.
  • The Serpent/Snake of Power and Transformation spirals up and around the Witch Lord with his face resting on the Lord's shoulder. Also associated with the Tree of Life.
  • He wears the Torc of Power/Nobility around his neck; again as in images of Cernunnos.

Overall this incredible image shows us our connection with life, death, beginnings, endings, transformations, above and below, our relation to animals and gives us the spirit of power, knowledge, enlightenment and wisdom. What a masterpiece to place in your sacred space or upon your altar!

Please Note: Special Opening Instructions:  Handle box carefully, cut all twine, open from top, remove some packing material, lift CAREFULLY - the bases for these statues are very heavy. Instructions are on the outside of box.

Because of high demand/popularity: We have limited stock throughout the year.

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“The Witch King” © Christopher Orapello 2013 all rights reserve

Christopher Orapello is an artist, witch, and animist with a background in Western occultism, ceremonial magick, and Freemasonry and cohosts the podcast “Down at the Crossroads” with his partner, Tara-Love Maguire.


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