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Witch Stones Divination Set

Witch Stones Divination Set

Divination by Stones
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Witches Stones
Divining Set

The Witches Stone Set is a magical source of ancient wisdom and guidance. This divination set will enable a complete beginner to make very accurate readings within minutes. Known as lithomancy, divination by stones has long been associated with witchcraft.

Prediction by casting stones has long been a skill of witches and wise women. Just toss the stones on the pentagram casting chart provided in the kit and follow the instructional leaflet to do a reading for yourself! Allow Witch Stones to reveal the answers to your questions about Love, Money, Career, Health, Travel and Future Opportunities! This set is a popular gift among aspiring and practicing witches.

Your Witch Stones Kit includes:

  • A Set of Eight Natural Gemstones
  • Stones are Hand Painted with Magickal Tool Symbols
  • Casting Chart
  • Leaflet with Instructions and Interpretations
  • Boxed in a 6 1/2 x 5 1/4 inch box ready for gift giving

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