Witchcraft Today

Used Book by the Father of the Pagan Renaissance.

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Once again no disappointment here. I ordered shungite, citrine, and wire cages. My cat was right there as I opened it, and once everything was unpacked she gently placed her precious little paw over some of the citrine stones as if to say "mine". As always I am very pleased with everything and hope to place another order soon.
Ann MaYO
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Witchcraft Today
Intro by Dr. Margaret Murray
Gerald B. Gardner

Very Collectible Version - 1970

Used Book - Wear - Crease on Cover
Sold As Is - No Refund - No Return

By the father of the Pagan renaissance. Written shortly after the repeal of the English Witch laws in 1954, WITCHCRAFT TODAY offered the world a new religion, Wicca, and captured the imaginations of spiritual seekers everywhere. The author, Gerald Gardner, was writing about a small, secret coven of hereditary Witches, brave people who had hidden their faith for centuries to avoid persecution. His descriptions of their practices and history, their working tools and festivals, impelled a rediscovery of indigenous British religion and, globally, fueled a movement now boasting between 3 and 5 million members, making Wicca one of the fastest growing religions in the United States.

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