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Witch's Brew Dragons Blood Pillar

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hey guys got the nied rune--thank you so much for your continuing Above & Beyond-The-Call-Of-Duty customer service!! your relentless attention to detail + great, swift service is the ONE thing that I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ;)Peace - Blessings - Love - Always )o(
Alexandra Hansen
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Dragon's Blood Pillar Candle

Of the Witches Brew Collection of Candles

Witches Brew Dragon's Blood Pillar has the Sweet Smokey Resin to Power Up your Magic!

Made with a whimsical air, these Witches Brew candles of high quality fragrance oils are very serious in their power. The recipes come from the candle maker's personal spell casting experiences blended with good smells to create a candle chock full of witchy goodness.

Each candle is wrapped in a black tulle and labeled with inspiring words in an empowering spell... with room for your own crafting touch!

By Air, Fire, Water and Earth, I craft this spell on heart and hearth
I call forth this vitality and force. My dragon awakens and finds its course. My spell complete and my magic fair my words stong, this witches prayer.

A Hefty 3" x 6.5" candle with over 70 hours of burning time.
Made with Cotton Wick.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

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