Witchs Brew Witchs Purse Oil

Witchs Brew Witchs Purse Oil

Increase Your Manifestation Powers!

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Witch's Purse Oil
From the Witch's Brew Oil Collection

A Magickal Blend by a Powerful Spell Caster for Powerful Manifestation!

Fill your pockets with the blessings of many riches! Bergamot and Date aromas invite in the sweetness of life as they release the tensions that block the manifestation of prosperity and clear the fears that can destroy abundance. Give a boost of power to your spells with a votive size pop of energy!

Thank goodness times are changing and our sisters and brothers can declare their witchiness without deadly persecution. Even though they are packaged with a whimsical air, the Witches Brew products are very serious in their power!

The recipes come from the maker's personal spell casting experiences blended with sumptuous scents to create products that are chock full of witchy goodness.

A Witch's Purse is never empty because she knows the secret of the laws of attraction! Each bottle of oil is labeled with inspiring words in an empowering spell. Don't worry; they leave lots of room for your own crafting touch!

Uses for your oil:

  • Bringing Money To You
  • Money Rituals
  • Money Spells
  • Gambling/Games of Chance
  • Floor Washes
  • Anointing
  • Oil Diffuser

8 ml dropper style bottle (approximately .25 ounce) contains skin safe blended oils

Please Note: Not for Internal Use.


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