Witches Broom Wand with Purple Point

Witches Broom Wand with Purple Point

By Abby Willowroot


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Witches Broom Wand
with Purple Point
by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

The Witches Besom is a well known and loved ritual item. It is used to cleanse and protect homes and sacred spaces. It combines masculine and feminine energies to create a powerful symbol and tool.

The wand is similar to the broom as it can cleanse and protect. But, it can also draw the magic circle and create its own sacred space. The wand is one of, if not the most recognizable tool used in witchcraft.

This beautiful and whimsical wand combines the power of both the witches besom and wand. It is perfect for the solitary or coven witch a well as the beginner or experienced witch! Use it to add another level of power to all your spell and ritual work!

Made in the U.S. in Abby's Studio with fine 100% Lead-Free Pewter. Original Design by Abby Willowroot Copyright 2000. Each wand is hand crafted here in the U.S. at Willowroot's Wand Studio.


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