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Witches Union Love Magic Patch

Witches Union Love Magic Patch

A Love Divine, None Can Break
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Witches Union Magical Adept
Love Magic Patch

Love is what brings many to magic. This patch helps you lock down the love that you have and protect it from sabotage.

Love magic may begin with attraction, but the adept knows that love is an unending source and when they tap into it, all love becomes divine, healing and enduring. Mastery of love magic is when you are the source of love in your life and it is reflect back to you.

"Devotion, Partner, Consort, Mate, A Love Divine, None Can Break."

Your Embroidered Patch measures 2 inches in diameter.

We would love to see you with your patches! Please post a picture of you and your Union swag as a review or testimonial on our site and on social media with #witchesunion!


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