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Witches Union Spell Casters Club Patch

Witches Union Spell Casters Club Patch

From Adversity Comes Strength Be Part of the Witchy Club!
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Witches Union Magical Adept
Spell Caster's Club
Membership Patch

Members of the Witches Union who choose to wear their adept series of patches do so with the following commitments:

  • Will be true to themselves and in keeping with their soul's purpose
  • Will be a champion of magical living
  • Will use magic to better their life and the lives of those around them
  • Will be the keeper of the sacred lyrics of Stevie Nicks
  • Will acknowledge other Witches Union members upon discovery
  • Will watch every witchy movie available

"Don't Start None, Won't Be None, From Adversity Comes Strength"

Your Embroidered Patch measures 2 inches in diameter.

We would love to see you with your patches! Please post a picture of you and your Union swag as a review or testimonial on our site and on social media with #witchesunion!


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