Witches Union Witch's Familiar Patch

Your Familiar Brings
Unique Essence & Depth
To Your Magic

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Merry Meet! I'm thoroughly impressed with my order! Will, Chi, thank you for the Extras! As Emma just said before me, personal notes?? So Kind & Real! I have to add that your 13 Moons Oils, are working already, displaying solid power. Double impressed there.
Salem Jones
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Witches Union Magical Adept
Witch's Familiar Patch

A witch’s familiar is Grounding, Energizing, Protecting and Comforting. Each embroidered Witch's Familiar Patch measures 2 inches in diameter.

The Witch's Familiar shows us that all pets are magical in their own way. A magical adept knows that a familiar is their magical partner and brings a unique essence and depth to their magic. Wear this patch proudly if you pet brings a unique magic and love to your life. "By Fur, Feather or Scale, I honor My Magical Partner".

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