Witching Hour Wrist Watch by Lisa Parker

Original Art by Lisa Parker creating wrist watches with a statement.

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Lisa Parker

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Dearest folks at 13 Moons, Thank you for the lovely package I ordered from you guys. It arrived SO fast the other week i was sure it was some kind of express broom service. The tokens you left me in the package were also so kind, thank you. I can't express how much we appreciate your exceptionally well-appointed store. You have everything that's sometimes hard to find, fresh, and here in NYC some of this stuff is so outrageously. Now my circle and I are looking forward to getting to work—as you can probably tell, we have big plans and tasks ahead. But ever since your boxes arrived my apartment immediately filled up with life and and dynamic vibes. The things, living, that have manifested since have unexpected and even surreal. I can't thank you enough for the good energy you've brought—Your blessings bring warmth to my house. You'll be hearing from me again soon, I'm certain. Until then may your hearths, bodies and souls be warm, healthy, and full of light.
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The Witching Hour
Wrist Watch
by Fantasy Artist, Lisa Parker

The black cat rests upon the magical books gazing into the candle light waiting the witching hour.

Lisa Parker is creating lovely jewelry from her original fantasy and gothic art. Each wrist watch is boxed in a black hard plastic hinged box with a velvet lining and cushion. The watch is branded with logo engraved on the buckle and reverse side of the watch. It has a high quality Japanese movement and is water resistant. Lovely watch face of The Witching Hour adorns a black leather strap.

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