A Field Guide For Utopia Preppers

by Caitlin Johnstone

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A Field Guide For Utopia Preppers
by Caitlin Johnstone

Part graphic novel, part poetry, this book is my way of pointing to the course our species must travel more directly than I can in article format. We are at evolve or die time, we must wake up very soon, and this is my very best crack at pointing our deep inner workings onto the path of transformation which leads away from our extinction and towards our utopia.

This is a very graphic book with poetry and more that helps take you to a fresh view of the mess we are in. Take the read slowly, let it go in. Then do the magick necessary to begin changing our life and world.

"This is a wonderful book of poetry and art both. From the piercingly insightful “Welcome” to the haunting and sad “The Letter”, Caitlin reaches for the heart but will get inside your mind as well. If you want a better world, if you’re tired of getting beaten down by corporatism and greed and just plain evil…this book will inspire and inform you. This book is not an attempt to tell anyone what to think or how to feel, but just to do both on your own; don’t let others do it for you."

"If our world is going to find its way, it will happen by individuals finding themselves and not giving into the mobspeak. That’s what being ‘woke’ really means. Caitlin is one of the strongest voices I’ve ever heard on this subject, and I can’t recommend this book highly enough."

~ David Hiscox

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