Wolf Reflections Mirror Box

By Lisa Parker

Beautiful owl art with mirror inside.

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Lisa Parker

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hey guys got the nied rune--thank you so much for your continuing Above & Beyond-The-Call-Of-Duty customer service!! your relentless attention to detail + great, swift service is the ONE thing that I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ;)Peace - Blessings - Love - Always )o(
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Quiet Reflections
Box with Mirror
by Lisa Parker

Peacefully resting in the moonlight by the tranquil water the serene, a gray wolf gazes as if into a mirror. Opening this piece of art, you too can gaze upon your reflection.

Lisa is a well known fantasy and wildlife artist and her brilliant art is depicted on the top and sides of this trinket mirror box. Fine, realistic detail is portrayed and you will love decorating a favorite shelf or table with "Quiet Reflections" Mirror Box.

The Quiet Reflections Box is easy to open to hold your treasures within. Two great gifts in one - a stunning piece of art by Lisa Parker which is a functional box and opens to reveal a mirror!

Using Lisa's original art, the box is crafted of fine high quality resin to create a handsome box to sit upon your altar or any table or shelf throughout your home or office.


  • Art by renowned artist, Lisa Parker
  • 4 x 4 x 2 inches, perfect for treasures, jewelry and trinkets
  • Fine art throughout and functional
  • Easy to open
  • Mirror on inside lid
  • Looks great in any setting
  • Superb Gift Idea
  • Great Price

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