Wood Betony

Wood Betony

For Purification, Uncrossing, Protection and more.
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Wood Betony

Stachys officinalis

1 ounce cut & sifted Wood Betony Herb in a re-sealable bag. Wood Betony, also known as Lousewort is an herb of the mint family. Historically known for healing, it is also magically known to prevent and send back curses, hexes and spells against you as well as rid evil and purify. 

Magickal Uses:

  • Grown in garden; protect your home from evil
  • Sprinkle around entrances for protection
  • Protection from evil and diseases
  • Use as an incense to end quarrels
  • Add to Dream Pillow
  • Purification
  • Draw Love
  • Rid Nightmares
  • Healing
  • Midsummer Bonfires for purifying
  • With uncrossing incense, burn to turn back spells

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