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Worry Stone, Blue Obsidian

Worry Stone, Blue Obsidian

Beautiful Aqua Blue to Take Worries Away
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Aqua Blue Obsidian Worry Stone

Smooth polished Aqua Blue Obsidian Stone with indent to hold (worry) between thumb and finger. Rub between thumb and index finger to lessen your worries, anxieties and stress.

Obsidians come in various colors; most common and popular is the black. Obsidian forms from volcanic glass and various colors are found and tumbled from blacks, grays, browns, reds to greens and blues. Obsidians are known for purity, balancing, devination and grounding. This lovely Blue Obsidian Stone can be used for those qualities along with healings and protection.

Sizes vary approx 2"; heavy enough to use for Paper Weight.


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