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Yes No Glass Dowsing Chart

Unique dowsing for pendulum.

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I am extremely pleased with my order! I have been wanting to order for a while and finally got the chance! And it arrived in two days! I will most assuredly be ordering again! Thank you soo much!
Angela Witt
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Pendulum Dowsing Board

This is a Yes-No dowsing chart unlike any other you have ever seen. The unique "window" connects your question to the chart. Your written question (optional) becomes part of the chart itself. Write your question on a piece of paper and place it under the chart so it can be seen through the window as you ask your question.


  • Unique design with see through window
  • Each new question creates a new chart
  • Communicate to your conscious mind
  • 8 inch square
  • Easy to travel with
  • Instructions included

This process produces a powerful method of focusing your intention to ask a specific question. The greater your intention, desire, and focus, the greater the accuracy your answers will be.

Each new question creates a new chart. The subconscious, the gateway for your information, uses the whole chart as a way to communicate to your conscious mind.

Each chart measures approximately 8 inches square and is printed on plexiglass. Comprehensive instructions included.

This purchase is for the chart only, no pendulum is included.