Yule Candle and Stone Set

Yule Candle and Stone Set

Celebrate the Solstice with light!
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Yule Candle and Stone Set

For Ritual Use

Your Yule Set includes a handmade Frankincense votive and a Myrrh votive along with 2 stones and organza bags, color-appropriate for your ritual and spell work during Yule. Stones are usually green aventurine and red Jasper, though subject to change according to availability. Stones may vary slightly in color and size from photo.

The Winter Solstice or Yule is one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats, and it is also the shortest day of the year, and hence -the longest night. This usually takes place on December 20th or 21st, although it does sometimes occur on the 22nd or 23rd (check your calendar as it changes from year to year). Other than the most common name of Yule, various other names for the Winter Solstice include Midwinter, Yuletide (the Teutonic version), Alban Arthan (Caledonii Tradition, or the Druids), Feill Fionnain (Pecti-Wita Tradition, which falls on December 22nd). Yuletide lasts from December 20th through December 31st. It begins on "Mother Night" and ends twelve days later, on "Yule Night", hence the "Twelve Days of Christmas" tradition. Alban Arthan, unlike all the others, is not considered a fire festival.

This Sabbat is the festival of rebirth and the return of the Sun. It is the time of year when the Goddess gives birth to the Sun God. The sun begins to wax and the days start to get longer. The Holly King, God of the Waning year, rules from Midsummer to Yule. At Yule he sacrifices his life to the Oak King, God of the Waxing Year, who rules over the light part of the year from Yule to Midsummer. Essentially they are twins who rule over half the year. Both fight for the love of the Goddess and both surrender their life force for the prosperity of the land. This is a time to look inward, a time for sitting by the fireplace and eating comfort foods, a time for family and friends and a time for celebrations.


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