Mabon Lore

Mabon Lore - 13 Moons

Autumn Equinox, one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats is celebrated on or around September 21st to 29th in the Northern Hemisphere and from on or around March 19th to 20th for the Southern Hemisphere.

Autumn Equinox is also known as Mabon, Fall Equinox, Wine Harvest and Second Harvest. This is a time of balance and harmony, when our days and nights are equally divided as the days grow shorter and the Wheel of Year turns towards Samhain and Yule.

Traditionally, Second Harvest was celebrated when fruits were picked for jams, jellies, juices, ciders and wines. Our days grow shorter, veggies, fruits and herbs are at the peak for harvesting and preserving. Celebrate the prosperity of harvests whether from your garden or local farmers/gardeners as well as the harvest of spells you have been working. At this time of balance, include in your spells and rituals balance and harmony for your home and work. Decorate your sacred space, altar and home with grapes, vines, squash, leaves, wheat, barley, pine cones, corn, horns of plenty, and acorns.

As stated in "First Harvest" Lore: August Eve Lore » many of us no longer rely on a garden/field harvest to sustain us through the Winter months, however we continue to celebrate and honor the traditions as our ancestors did. Even though you may not have harvest from a garden, there are other “harvests” to “reap what you have sown” such as health, business, relationships and all that is new in your life from love to prosperity.

This is a time to relax - step back and take a deep breath - be thankful and happy for all you have succeeded in. Our days will begin to grow shorter and it will be a time to work on spells toward Third Harvest - the Witches New Year - begin your work for confidence, security, ancestors, divination and power.

Decorations of the Season: Leaves, Pine Cones Acorns, Meadow Flowers and Grasses that are beginning to dry in the fields, Sun Gods, Fire God Plaque, Fire God Plaque, Sun Goddesses, Wheel of the Year, Fruits, Wines, Grapevine Wreath, and Gourds.

God, Goddesses & Animals of the Season: Thor, Gaia, Morrigan, Snake Woman, Bacchus, Mother Crone, Epona, Hades, Persephone/Kore, Demeter, Thoth, Owl, Eagles, Dogs, Wolf, Fish and Hawk.

Food & Drink for Your Autumn Celebrations: Corn, Squash, Pumpkin, Apples, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Onions, Bread, Tomatoes, Pickles, Cornbread, Beans, Herbal Teas, Fruit Wine, Ale, Juice and any foods you have harvested, bought locally or preserved.

Autumn Colors for Cloths, Candles, etc:  Gold, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Brown.

Stones for Mabon: Carnelian, Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli as well as shells and stones gathered when walking near water such as Hag Stones and Wishing Stones.

Plants for Mabon: Vines, Such as Ivy, Grapevine, Witch Hazel, Oak, Pine, Cedar, Yarrow, Echinacea, Goldenrod, Asters, Marigold, Calendula, Hops, Mums, Ferns, Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosehips, Sage, Mugwort and Wormwood.

Create an Oil Blend, Potpourri or Incense with Herbs, Resins and Essential Oils.
A Mabon Ritual Oil or Incense Blend can be made with the following herbs and/or oils:

  • Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Chips, Cassia/Cinnamon Oil
  • Cloves or Clove Oil
  • Rose Petals or Rose Absolute and/or Essential Oil
  • Sage or Sage Oil
  • Pine Needles or Scotch Pine Essential Oil
  • Cedar or Cedar Essential Oil

How to Celebrate: Food and Drinks with Friends/Relatives; Bonfire; Dancing; Gather in a local Orchard to pick the last remaining fruit, Give Thanks and create cider or jams; Create a cornucopia with local foods; Bake Bread; Have a Circle Dance or Drumming Circle.

Many Blessings to you during Mabon from each of us at 13 Moons.

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